the little things


♥ take notes ♥ always bring a notebook ♥ go for walks outside ♥ work out ♥ don’t be hard on yourself ♥ take breaks ♥ be with beautiful people ♥ listen to music ♥ drink coffee ♥ do things you’re good at ♥ keep your surroundings tidy & clean ♥ do what makes you happy ♥ never give up ♥ take chances ♥ make someone happy ♥ complete what you start ♥ have fun ♥ visit a new place ♥ be interested in other people ♥ accept your mistakes ♥ be open to new things ♥ get enough sleep ♥ practice things you want to get better at ♥ read good books or magazines ♥


a lifesaver for dry winter skin

i’ve had this cream since forever in my bathroom shelf, and i’ve heard a lot of good things about it. i haven’t used it, because i didn’t know what to use it for. but some weeks ago it started getting colder, and as the weather turns worse, my skin turns worse (and dryer) too. so i tried to mix it in with my daily face moisturizer, and applied it before i went to bed – and it gave amazing results! my skin got a lovely glow, and the dryness disappeared. i would rather do this, than change my face cream as soon as the autumn and winter shows.

big beautiful breakfast

i perfer to start every day with a big breakfast comprising a whole lot of oatmeal-carbs with a bunch of proteins and a dash of lovely, fatty nuts – sprinkled with some sweet berry vitamins.

i use 80 g of oats, 4 dl water & 45 g of proteinpowder. as toppings i use berries, nuts/nut butters, berries – and last but not least a big fat dash of cinnamon.

this breakfast keeps me going for hours. i love to start off the day with something hot, especially at this time of year, when i tend to wake up with a sore throat. it is perfect both before heavy workouts & long days at school or work.